Hey yall’,

I’d like to introduce you to Jakob Alexander Cromwell, as this series of concept sketches/doodles focuses on him. He went through quite a lot of looks before the writer and I got comfortable. His first few versions are probably fine on their own, but too embarrassing to show side by side with these. Mainly because the early attempts just don’t represent the character much at all and it’s bizarre for me to compare them.

In the notes I was first given Jakob was a foot taller than the other characters at nearly 7 feet, but in the end he’s became more like 8 feet tall. In this way he will always have a perilous relationship with ceilings. Jakob is a giant Lizardman with a take no crap attitude. He’s highly educated and dresses smartly, but those two things don’t get you much respect in the 1880s so he carries two custom revolvers, big enough to load shotgun shells, and what equates to a light artillery gun. There’s a ton more too him, but I’m staying zero spoilers at this stage of things.

The third character is you see in this mix is the comic’s namesake Will Graves. I’ll talk about him in my next update.


Hi all,

I’ve been invited into an indie comic project. It’s titled “Graves”, and is going to be a Gothic Horror Western set in the 1880s. I’ll try my best to post updates to the creative process of creating this comic, and try not to spoil any of the fun of the eventual release.

I’m extremely happy to be on the team! Of course, it’s astonishing I’m on the team at all really. I only vaguely knew of one of the team members as a friend-of-a-friend on Facebook. Never talked to him, never did much more than like the occasional post. There was never any indication that he was into comics at all, let alone the fact he was working on developing and writing one. Unbeknownst to me the team got to the point where they were ready to find an artist, and since I have things publicly posted to Facebook, my art was seen and was the right style for them to reach out to me. It was an unexpected Facebook message, to be sure. Especially since we all know artists have a hard time looking at their own artwork as anything more than garbage they somehow love. I’m no exception and I probably have it worse than most; I like to imagine. So, I was skeptical at first. But they were very excited for their setting and it made me interested enough to say I’d give it a try.

It’s really hard to find the time to dedicate to new projects, especially with a full time day job. It’s hard to give up free time for something new, that you know little about, and you know will take a MASSIVE time devotion. So it took a few weeks of procrastinating before I finally sat down and looked at my notes about the three lead characters. I can only imagine that the guys were probably just expecting me to never produce at that point.

Then I drew, and had fun, and kept drawing. This post is features the character I tackled first, Lena Desmond. I don’t want to get spoilerly on my blog, since I hope anyone who follows me will eventually want to invest in reading this comic, but let’s just say she’s got things to do with magic. I tried to decorate her with stylish yet interesting charms and things. This isn’t her final version by any means. I need to sit down and work on the details of her accessories, and make sure there is nothing missing that will be important to the story. However, this was enough to capture a glimpse of her character, and it got the team really excited to see the other two characters. Drawing in the old west setting is very new to me and pretty challenging, but it’s also a ton of fun.

I’ll try to keep posting about this project so ya’ll can see the characters and setting evolve as I progress through development. It’s looking like I’ll be able to start working on some pages for the first preview in the next few weeks. SO EXCITING!

Thanks for reading,

Ethan C.